Why Should You Get Scanned Today?

Advanced threats are dangerous and on the rise. Organizations of all sizes are getting attacked daily and IT departments need to be vigilant against these threats.
To mitigate these new threats, only a layered security approach that uses Advanced Threat Detection will work. Meaning: It is important to augment Office 365’s built-in protections with additional security layers.
So to address these advanced threats and the trends that are guiding customer’s email deployments, we’re offering a free service: The Barracuda Email Threat Scan (ETS) to assess risks from advanced threats and remediate them.

What Did Barracuda Discover Through ETS?

In the short time since we’ve launched ETS, we’ve already scanned thousands of mailboxes and the results are intriguing and not altogether surprising.
Out of the thousands of mailboxes we’ve scanned, just over 90% of accounts in Office 365 contain malware. To be clear, if you are using Office 365 and are not using any advanced security solution, you are already very likely harboring a threat!
And of these accounts that were infected, on average, they contained greater than 50 threats per account.
So this is a problem that affects everyone everywhere and you need to be ready.
Steps & Processes to Run an ETS?

  1. Enter URL: https://scan.barracudanetworks.com/signup?source=dmr&ref=marketing@slinternational.com
  2. Enter the credentials for your Office 365 account. You can revoke permissions at any time you see fit. Barracuda and S&L International does not keep any of the data on our server(s); we scan it and remove it.
  3. Typically, it takes about 24 hours for a scan to complete and we’ll send it to you once it’s done.
  4. Finally, we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment to review the results and your next steps.