2019 Varonis Global Data Risk Report

Assessing the Most Vulnerable Data – Files and Emails

In data breaches, files and emails are often targeted because they are high value assets and usually vulnerable to misuse by insiders and outsiders that transgress the perimeter. While organizations focus on perimeter defenses and chasing threats, the data itself is left broadly accessible and unmonitored.

About the Varonis Data Risk Report

Each year, Varonis conducts over a thousand risk assessments for customers and potential customers. The assessment provides insights into the risks associated with an organization’s data, exposing high risk areas and providing recommendations on access remediation to reduce their risk profile. Assessments are typically performed on a subset of the organization’s production environment.

The Varonis Data Risk Report provides a glimpse into the vulnerabilities found within a sample of the assessments conducted by Varonis last year.

Download the full report HERE.

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