Why Choose Proofpoint:

Industry-leading threat protection

  • Block malicious links and attachments in Exchange inboxes and Microsoft 365 apps
  • Stop malware-free threats like BEC and credential phishing
  • Identify and remediate compromised accounts
  • Prevent unauthorized access with adaptive controls
  • Fortify users with phishing simulation and security awareness training
  • Protect your customers and partners from impostor email attacks
  • Isolate web access to protect against malicious content
  • Automatically remove malicious emails from users’ inboxes

Actionable visibility

  • Understand your very attacked people (VAPs) and the risks they pose to your organization:
    • Who is being targeted with high-priority threats?
    • What techniques are being used to attack users?
    • Who has clicked on malicious links or attachments?
    • Which accounts are compromised?
    • Who is accessing risky third-party apps?
    • Who is moving sensitive data?
  • Establish adaptive controls around your VAPs, such as assigning specific security training or limiting access to critical data

Data access and controls

  • Prevent data loss across email and the cloud
  • Unify DLP incident management across channels
  • Provide individual or group-level access to sensitive data
  • Protect against third-party apps trying to access your organization’s data
  • Track data movement across email, cloud, and endpoint
  • Stop malicious and accidental misuse of valuable data

Excellent user experience

  • Get granular mail classification for bulk mail and spam
  • Automatically learn from user preferences
  • Ease IT workloads with robust search functionality
  • Keep users connected during Microsoft 365 outages with always-on continuity

Ease compliance challenges

  • Increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Capture and manage electronic communications from over 25 sources
  • Unite data feeds across Microsoft 365 collaboration and file sharing apps
  • Increase speed for admin e-discovery search
  • Get robust out-of-the-box workflows
  • Automate your supervision capabilities

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