Data Sheet: GhangorCloud Information Security Enforcer – Version 3.0

GhangorCloud’s Information Security Enforcer ( I S E ) is a F ourth G eneration Data Leak Prevention (DLP) solution that enables robust security and compliance enforcement against both ‘Malicious’ and ‘Inadvertent’ disclosure and/or theft of sensitive and confidential information.

Auto-Classification of Data & Content

Automatically classifies data in real-time without any manual intervention or manual tagging of data or files. GhangorCloud’s unique patented technology protects confidential information, including structured, semi- structured and unstructured data. Automated Identification and Classification of confidential and sensitive data/information is performed - even for newly created "Virgin" data/information.

Automated Policy Synthesis and Enforcement

ISE incorporates GhangorCloud’s unique patented Automated Policy Synthesis technology which automatically synthesizes relevant policies, reducing the complexity and cost of laborious and error-prone policy definition processes. ISE evaluates the security-based significance of the data/information and invokes the corresponding security policy; preventing data leak and/or extrusion in real-time.

Identity & Role-based Data Leak Prevention Paradigm

ISE delivers a unique Identity and Role-based DLP Paradigm. End-user and employee actions are automatically evaluated and only permitted based upon their authorized roles within the enterprise, enforcing risk- based compliance to corporate policies and procedures.

Cloud Access Security Broker

ISE performs secure access control for data moving from the enterprise to the cloud. Blocks transfer of sensitive data to web-based applications based on security status of content and actor. Provides detailed reports on exfiltration attempts based on actor, content and intended web destinations.

Advanced Workflow for Monitoring and Policy Enforcement

With intuitive workflow built-in for Security Administrators, Business managers and Employees/End-Users, ISE alerts the relevant parties of suspected violations, allows users to cancel their inadvertent actions, and blocks malicious users from leaking information. All incidents are motored in real-time and logged for compliance reporting.

Adaptive Architecture for Enterprise On-Prem, Hybrid Cloud and Public Cloud Deployment

ISE is designed to be flexible and adapt to any deployment topology e.g. on-prem, hybrid cloud or public cloud based architecture. It is deployed on the corporate network between employees and data/information repositories and analyzes real-time data transmissions over any communication channel e.g. Email, Web- mail, Web Applications, FTP, InstantMessaging,etc.

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