What is converged infrastructure?
Converged infrastructure brings together the disparate infrastructure elements that power IT, including servers, data storage devices, networking functions, virtualization, management software, orchestration, and applications. Converged infrastructure allows IT to invest in a single, guaranteed, and road-tested car, as opposed to having to purchase the car in separate pieces. This enables IT to invest in a single point of infrastructure delivery with a single point of accountability.

Why and how IT Organizations must transform
Information technology is shifting to a model dominated by cloud, mobile, Big Data and analytics, and social technologies – referred to by IDC as the 3rd Platform. Almost all businesses have adopted 3rd platform technologies, where speed and agility are key. As a result, converged infrastructure deployments are rapidly gaining traction in enterprise datacenters around the world. IDC estimates that in 2018, $143 billion will be spent on converged systems and highlights businesses rationale. ‘’Previously, organizations primary rationale was to increase utilization and reduce operational costs around managing compute, storage, and network environments separately. While those benefits are still relevant, companies are expanding their strategic rationale because converged infrastructure also provides significant benefits in terms of enterprise agility and time to market.’’
Dell EMC provides a converged infrastructure and converged management that has already made a dramatic impact on the industry since it was introduced 6 years ago, with more than 3,500 deployments. Dell EMC converged simplifies all aspects of IT by seamlessly integrating compute, storage, and virtualization technologies into one engineered system.
A recent EMA report highlighted Dell EMC’s five converged infrastructure principles;
  1. Engineered – Hardware, firmware, and software (across Dell EMC, Cisco, Vmware, and Intel components) are engineered together as a single converged/hyper converged platform.
  2. Manufactured – an ISO-certified manufacturing process assimilates hundreds of physical and logical components into a single ‘’road-tested’’ product – a single source of query, support, and commitment.
  3. Managed – Configuration, health and lifecycle management software are embedded in all systems with unique advantages in cohesive visualization, automation, and proactive insights.
  4. Sustained – Dell EMC’s Release Certification Matrix (RCM) and processes deliver dramatic advantages when firmware and hypervisor release upgrades are issued throughout the full lifecycle of the investment.
  5. Supported – Dell EMC offers a single source of support for all of its systems with a dedicated, trained staff available 24/7.’’
Eliminate the IT silos and maintenance time keeping you from achieving your best business results. Speed up your processes and integrate your IT across hardware and software – with up to 96% less downtime. Let us help you transform your business into a high-performance digital-service organization with our partner, Dell EMC, converged solutions.

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