Highest Performance for Backups

  • Fastest backup performance for the shortest backup window by writing directly to a disk landing zone, avoiding compute- intensive inline data deduplication
  • Backup windows kept permanently short as data grows by adding full servers (with processor, memory, disk, and bandwidth) in a single scale-out system

Fastest Restores and VM Boots for Instant Recovery

  • Fastest restore and tape copy performance from the most recent backup kept in its whole form. No reassembly from small blocks and large hash tables is required.
  • Fast VM boots for instant recoveries from a high-speed landing zone, which maintains a non-deduplicated copy of the most recent backup. This approach avoids the time-consuming data rehydration required when using solutions that only store deduplicated data.

Most Cost-Effective Solution with No “Forklift” Upgrades

  • Scalable next-generation architecture with full appliances provides plug-and-play expansion. To add an ExaGrid appliance, you simply plug it in and let ExaGrid’s scale-out software virtualize the backup capacity pool.
  • Multiple appliances allow full backups per appliance of 3TB, 5TB, 7TB, 10TB, 13TB, 21TB, 32TB, 40TB, and 63TB. Appliances can be mixed and matched with up to 32 appliances in a single scale-out system, allowing you to pay as you grow. Newer appliances can be added to older appliances in the same system to eliminate product obsolescence. With thirty-two 63TB appliances, a single system can support 4PB of usable storage and can ingest a 2PB full backup.
  • 50% lower total system cost up front vs competing systems. Over time, the total system cost is also 50% lower because the costly “forklift” upgrades associated with a first-generation front-end controller/disk shelf architecture are eliminated.

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