Carbonite: The Front Lines of Cyber Risk: 4 Steps to Protecting Endpoints from Security Risks

Live Webinar, January 30

10am PST | 12pm CST | 1pm EST 

When it comes to cyber-risk, the most exposed part of any organization is also the least protected; endpoints. Much of the data on laptops and other devices is unique and not stored on storage owned by the organization, but endpoints are often the first casualties of a cyber-attack. Given the new threat organizations need to provide complete protection, which not only includes protection from device failure but also security risks such as ransomware/malware, device theft and litigation response.

The challenge for IT is providing this protection without disrupting the user. If the protection solution gets in the way of the user, they will disable it, putting not only their data at risk but leaving the organization open to data loss and cyber-breach.

In this live webinar, learn the four requirements of complete endpoint data protection:

  1. Truly Transparent Protection (silent deployment, bandwidth optimization, quick cache)
  2. Deployment Flexibility – On-premises, Public Cloud or Private Cloud
  3. Total Encryption – Protect data in-flight and at rest
  4. Beyond Backup Features – Remote wipe, Legal hold


Join this webinar to ensure you gain insights into how to protect your endpoints.


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Jan, 30, 2019