About S&L International as a Solutions Provider

Where We Came From And Where We Are Going.

S&L International is a premier technology consulting and services firm that helps organizations maximize profitability and achieve their business goals through customized, cost-effective solutions. Since 1997, S&L has served clients ranging from small firms to Fortune 1000 organizations. Our experience covers diverse industries including financial, legal, medical, manufacturing, and entertainment.

Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. We do this by drawing upon proven technologies and methodologies within our core strengths to design customized solutions that enhance and maximize your IT infrastructure. We offer the expertise and experience you’d expect from nationally recognized firms but at a fraction of the cost. Our core strengths include:

  • Disaster Recovery and Data Storage

  • Network Infrastructure and Security

  • System Architecture

  • Strategic Technology Planning

  • Staffing Collaboration and Support

In addition to our broad capabilities, S&L clients enjoy distinct advantages they can’t find anywhere else. The difference is in our philosophy, our proprietary methodology, and our team.

Collaboration and Follow-Through

Our Philosophy Is Simple: Your Success Is Our Success.

S & L is committed to improving your profitability by increasing the efficiency of your technology. Through collaboration, communication, and our attention to detail, we deliver on this objective. We are driven to meet your organization’s needs and expectations.

Customized Solutions

We recognize that no two networks are exactly alike. Each poses unique challenges which demand customized solutions to achieve optimal cost-effectiveness. Rather than providing generic recommendations or automatically reaching for the technology with the latest buzz, we carefully evaluate your company, its strategy, and its business goals. We listen to fully understand your needs and to identify with your corporate culture. Then we research all the available options and design the right solution for you. You can count on S&L for high-quality solutions that make business sense for your short-term and long-term goals.

Right The First Time

Effective execution of our projects is the cornerstone of our success; we get in, do our job, and get out. We keep our clients apprised of the situation through regular, comprehensive reports every step of the way and collaborate with key personnel as appropriate. So there are no surprises, no misunderstandings, and no expensive mistakes.

Checks And Balances

The S&L proprietary methodology ensures that you receive the deliverables promised and allows you to effortlessly monitor the progress of the project. Each phase contains several steps and concludes with a formal, written report of work performed in that phase. This collaborative effort allows you to validate the progress and helps identify issues before they become problems.

A key component of our methodology is the effective transfer of knowledge from our staff to yours. Our engineers excel at providing clear, easy-to-use documentation and thorough training/knowledge transfer. This allows you to efficiently manage your new technology and identify when to call for assistance. We’re committed to implementing solutions you can support yourself. Yet we’re always here to help.

On Top Of The Details

The consistently high quality of our work is no accident. It results from the rigorous application of our proprietary methodology. You’ll know exactly what to expect from S&L and you can take comfort in knowing that the details are covered.